Sacred Harp Singers

Saturday morning on Carson’s Grove Stage

Come join in singing old, haunting a capella hymns in four-part harmony from the Sacred Harp.  Singing from “shape note” books such as the Sacred Harp is a living tradition dating back to the earliest days of the country; it is a participatory and inclusive style of singing passed down by generations of singers.  Many of the melodies were taken from old folk

sacred harp pic2tunes, and its harmonies have influenced old time and bluegrass singing.  Rather than typical round note heads, it uses four distinct shapes for the note heads to aid in sight-reading, and hence is called “shape note” singing.  Singers usually sit with others singing the same part, all facing inward so they can hear and see each other, and anyone can lead or request a song.  Beginners are encouraged to join in — don’t let that stage frighten you — and loaner books will be on hand.

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11th Annual Festival! September 14 - 16, 2017 at Shakori Hills in Silk Hope, NC