Instructional Workshops

All Instrument Workshops located at the Coffee Barn;

Dance Workshops in the Dance Tent.

Clawhammer Banjo with Mark Olitsky, Saturday, 12:30pm

Mark Olitsky plays Clawhammer banjo and has recorded with various string-bands in VirginiaMarkOlitsky0414
and North Carolina. He has been interviewed and reviewed in The Old-Time Herald, Banjo Newsletter and Bluegrass Unlimited. Mark has taught banjo workshops over the last 20 years at festivals and music camps in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and California. Has won awards at many old-time festivals throughout the South in both solo banjo as well as string-band competitions and won the 2012 Cuyahoga County Seth Rosenberg prize in music. He was also selected to represent old-time banjo in the “First Voice” film project, produced by Roots Of American Music.

This clawhammer banjo workshop will begin with an open discussion to determine the direction we will take in a hands-on class to develop our playing and advance our understanding of clawhammer banjo… from ear training to tunings, to left and right hand techniques that are unique in playing this style of banjo.

Fiddle with Janie Rothfield, Friday, 6:15pm

jane2“Playing with Jane is always a blast. Her distinctive tone and rhythmic sensibilities are totally infectious.” – Andrew Van Norstrand

Jane Rothfield has been playing music since she was a child, and her repertoire of tunes and recorded albums encompass not only old-time and bluegrass, but Irish, Celtic and Scottish playing styles, as well. Her latest original recordings blend these traditional styles into her own unique sound. A talented and experienced music teacher, Jane has taught workshops and camps around the world. She is the creator and director of the unique and popular music camp, Janie’s Jumpstart.

Janie will teach several tunes from the old time repertoire, with a focus on bowing, rhythm, and how to get that old time beat into your playing! A recording device (audio or video) is highly recommended and encouraged! Located at the Coffee Barn.

Fiddle Styles with Ron Cole, Saturday, 2pm

roncoleRon Cole has been playing old-time string band rags for over 30 years, and has been sharing and teaching his unique fiddle style since 1983. He is a self-described Ragtime Fiddler. In this workshop, Ron will be teaching the art and ease of downbow fiddling. Come away having learned one song that includes all the bow directions and some simple actions and techniques that create and ease in bowing.


Mandolin with Andrew Berger-Gross, Saturday, 11am


Andrew Berger-Gross is a regular (and occasionally welcome) presence in Triangle-area string bands and picking parties.
During this instructional workshop, Andrew will walk you through some of his favorite old 78rpm recordings of mandolin players from Tennessee to Texas, describing the varied uses of the mandolin to express melody and rhythm in pre-war string bands.  He will also identify and teach you some of the key techniques and “licks” used by many of these players.

Andrew will be happy to answer any questions you have about old-time, blues and ragtime mandolin styles, and if he doesn’t know the answer, will be happy to make something up.  Please bring your mandolin if desired, or feel free to drop in to just join the discussion.

Piedmont Finger Styles Guitar with Dwight Hawkins, Saturday, 3:30pm

Info coming soon!

Flatfooting Dance Workshop, Friday 4:30pm

20160707_111326Come ready for fun and exercise! Flatfooting is a percussive dance form – your feet beat the drum. In this workshop, we will explore freestyle flatfooting to old time music, practice finding the rhythm of a tune, learns some simple flatfooting steps and practice “playing the tune” with those steps. Jan Gittelman leads this instructional workshop to live music. Wear smooth soled shoes if you can, and bring a towel and water bottle, because we are going to sweat! Located in the Dance Tent.

Clogging with The Green Grass Cloggers, Saturday 12:30pm

Inspired by traditional mountain-style clogging teams, but more influenced by older flatfoot29827851680_c76c521375_q
and buck dancers, North Carolina’s premier clogging group has been kicking up their collective heels for over forty years, and together have developed an original, eclectic style. Unlike the traditional “big-set” mountain square dance figures, they use choreography based on four-couple western square dance figures in short energetic routines. Stop by and learn some basic clogging steps and more advanced moves, as well.  Located in the Dance Tent.

Kids’ Clogging Workshop, Saturday 11am

_sajf_august_21__2009_376Jen Hughes has been kicking up her heels as a traditional clogger for over 37 years, having learned from her third grade teacher at Carrboro Elementary School. In 2003, she joined the Apple Chill Cloggers and has enjoyed dancing for audiences locally and abroad. When she’s not dancing, she’s teaching 6-9 year olds at Willow Oak Montessori School. In this workshop you will learn several clogging steps including the basic, single, chug and lifts, and if there’s enough time, we can put some steps together for an easy routine, which you can show off in the Kids Dance Contest later in the afternoon!
12th Annual Festival! September 13 - 15, 2018 at Shakori Hills in Silk Hope, NC