2009 Winners

2009 Winners

Old-Time Band: 1stCool Springs Ramblers; 2nd –April Fools; 3rd – Hushpuppies

Bluegrass Band: 1stRye Mountain Boys; 2nd—Tree Line Bluegrass; 3rd—Rocky Creek

Non-Traditional Band: 1stThe Whompers; 2nd—Red Rover; 3rd – Haw River Rounders

Old Time Fiddle: 1st— Steve Kruger; 2nd–Andy Cahan, 3rd–David Hughes

Bluegrass Fiddle: 1st— Debbie Gitlin; 2nd— Brian English; 3rd– Kenneth Woods

Old Time Banjo: 1st-– Kevin Fores; 2nd– Nancy Sluys; 3rd– Andy Cahan

Bluegrass Banjo: 1st– David Thornberry; 2nd-– Benny Lilly; 3rd– Steven James

Guitar: 1st-– David Hughes; 2nd-– Pat Lyons; 3rd-– Margaret Martin

Mandolin: 1st– Brian Schmiel; 2nd– Jim Collier; 3rd– Zack Mondry

Folk Song: 1st– Allison Williams; 2nd– David Hughes; 3rd– Steve Kruger

Bass: 1st– Bill Sluys; 2nd– Allison Williams; 3rd– Harold Clapp

Youth Musicianship: 1st– Corey Smith; 2nd– Nellis Smith; 3rd– Cassie Lilly

Dance: 1st-– Justin Robinson; 2nd-– Aaron Ratcliffe; 3rd-– Forest Doyle

Youth Dance: 1st--Rose Houch; 2nd— Ara Houch; 3rd-– Ian Madden

Cook-Off: 1st Michael Plumley; 2nd – Edwin Powell; 3rd – Pierre Lauffer

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