Chatham County's Traditional Music Festival

September 12 - 14, 2024

2014 winners

2014 Winners

Old-Time Band

1st:  The Woodchuckers       2nd: Cousin Amy Deluxe     3rd: Haywood Billy Goats

Bluegrass Band

1st: Loose Gravel      2nd: Grass Up and Go     3rd: Kicks and Giggles

Non-Traditional Band

1st: Ball Jar All-Stars     2nd: Sharp Point Rounders     3rd: Fernandez Sisters

Old-Time Fiddle

1st: David Hughes     2nd: Joe Macheret     3rd: Andrew Small

Bluegrass Fiddle

1st: Joe Macheret     2nd: Holly Riley     3rd: Clay Shelor

Old-Time Banjo

1st: Ken Inoue     2nd: Lightnin’ Wells     3rd: Ben Banick

Bluegrass Banjo

1st: David Thornberry     2nd: Jackson Hagwood     3rd: Greyson Leybourne

Folk Song

1st: Lightnin’ Wells     2nd: Tim Wells     3rd: Jon Newlin


1st: Bailey Cole     2nd: Spencer Mobley     3rd: Zeb Gambill


1st:  David Hughes     2nd: Andrew Small     3rd: Glen Craver


1st: Andrew Small     2nd: Zac Smith     3rd: Ben Noblit

Youth Fiddle

1st: Hanah Maness     2nd: Iris Newlin     3rd: Isabelle Gorman

Youth Banjo

1st: Elleana Schilling     2nd: Micah Marhool     3rd: John Michael Hill

Youth Other Instrument

1st: John Michael Hill     2nd: Mica Marhool     3rd: Olivia Fernandez

Adult Dance

1st: Natalie Taggart     2nd: Kazumi Inoue     3rd: Hayride Ken (O’Harra)

Youth Dance

1st: Johanna Schilling     2nd: Cage Bullard     3rd: Tie for 3rd


1st: Andi White & Keith Savary     2nd: Teresa & Ron Pruitt     3rd: Pete Lucey

Thank you to our WONDERFUL sponsors! We couldn’t do it without these folks:

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