2016 Winners

Old-Time Band

1st: The Bow Benders;      2nd: Appalachian Thunder;      3rd: The Haywood Billygoats

Bluegrass Band

1st: Loose Gravel;     2nd: Poor Valley;       3rd: Quarter Turn

Non-Traditional Band

1st: The Fernandez Sisters;     2nd: Stray Locals;     3rd: The Maudlin Brothers

Old-Time Fiddle

1st: Andrew Small;     2nd: Sam Weiss;     3rd: Sarah Gilbert

Bluegrass Fiddle

1st: Brian English;     2nd: Sam Weiss;     3rd: Seth Mattison

Old-Time Banjo

1st: Andrew Small;     2nd: Ben Reisser;   3rd: Clark Williams

Bluegrass Banjo

1st: Gary Webb;     2nd: Hugh Moore;     3rd: Jeff Ward

Folk Song

1st: Cary Moskovitz;     2nd: Sarah Gilbert;     3rd: Andrew Small


1st: Alexander Meredith;     2nd: Zach Mondry;     3rd: Zeb Gambill


1st: Zeb Gambill;     2nd: Greg Ward;     3rd: Cary Moskovitz

Other Stringed Instrument

1st: Ben Silcox;     2nd: Bud Hinson;     3rd: Rob Stepno

Youth Fiddle

1st: Sam Stage;     2nd: Kaitlin Mitchum;     3rd: Wolf Lobacz

Youth Banjo

1st: Milo Evans;     2nd: Brennan Barker

Youth Other Instrument

1st: John-Michael Hill;     2nd: Jacob Hill;     3rd: Eliza Basch

Adult Dance

1st: Nathan Vango;     2nd: Dane Summers;     3rd: Matthew Kupstas

Youth Dance

1st: Ciera Barker;     2nd: Quinn Wedford;     3rd: Ian Madden


1st: Info lost! Please email us if you know it!

2nd: Charles Murphy

3rd: Info lost! Please email us if you know it!

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