2017 Winners

Old-Time Band

1st: The New Macedon Rangers  2nd: Hot Quick Pickle & the Hoecakes  3rd: Bowbenders

Bluegrass Band

1st: ***Loose Gravel     2nd: ***Carolina Hootenanny      3rd: Johnson City Band

Non-Traditional Band

1st: Sleeping Dogs     2nd: Sneaky Leak Boys   3rd: Stray Locals

Old-Time Fiddle

1st: Deb Shebish   2nd: Maddy Mullany     3rd: Bob Herring

Bluegrass Fiddle

1st: Brian English    2nd: Cody Bauer     3rd: Clay Shelor

Old-Time Banjo

1st: Micah Spence   2nd: Ben Riesser    3rd: Bob Herring

Bluegrass Banjo

1st: Jeff Ward   2nd: Michael Malek   3rd: Greyson Leybourne


1st: Zeb Gambill  2nd: Carl Jones    3rd: Andrew Small


1st: Zeb Gambill    2nd: Pierre Marshall    3rd: David Hughes

Other Stringed Instrument

1st: Gordon Arnold   2nd: Jeff Furman    3rd: Bob Stepno

Folk Song

1st: Jon Newlin   2nd: Bob Herring    3rd: Alan Teichman


1st: Nathan Vargo     2nd: Linda Block       3rd: Dane Summers

Youth Fiddle

1st: Sam Hill   2nd: Willy Ashman    3rd: Sophie Fernandez

Youth Banjo

1st: Milo Evans   2nd: Brenna Barker    3rd: David Burgman

Youth Other Instrument

1st: David Burgar    2nd: Jacob Hillmando    3rd: Ben Owen

Honorable Mention: Cora Bachuber

Youth Dance

1st: Lola Mae Flynn       2nd: Ciera Barker     3rd: Jacob Hill


1st: Jen Yopp & Will Chapman   2nd: Sam Sink & Erik Peterson   3rd: Derick Sholar

*** To resolve the unintentional rule violation that occurred when these bands competed, all competing members of Cliff Hale & the Grand Ol’ Osprey have graciously returned their pay for the Saturday evening dance, thus keeping with the rule that volunteering musicians may enter the contests. We express our gratitude to the band and our most sincere apologies for the mix-up.

Thank you to our WONDERFUL sponsors! We couldn’t do it without these folks:

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