Chatham County's Traditional Music Festival

September 12 - 14, 2024

2021 Winners

Band Contests: There were no bands qualifying for Other Traditional who entered that contest, so the judges decided to award two places each in the collapsed category of Old-Time and Bluegrass.

1st: Appalachian Thunder
1st: StringUp PickBand
2nd: Carolina Songbirds
2nd: Yelling Degenerates
3rd: Firing Line String Band
3rd: Big Okra
1st: Sophie Wellington
2nd: Nokosee Fields
3rd: Ella Thomas
4th: Kristin Harris
5th: Sophie Nachman
1st: Eli Winken Werder
2nd: Dusty Rider
3rd: Rachel Dunaway
4th: Courtney Clapp
5th: Jeff Ward
1st: Zeb Gambill
2nd: Alex Meredith
3rd: Julia Illana
1st: Marshall Brown
2nd: Brad Farmer
3rd: Zeb Gambill
Other Stringed Instrument
1st: Bob Stepno
2nd: Marsha Harris
3rd: Tim Litchfield
Folk Song
1st: Lightnin Wells
2nd: Andre Gruber
3rd: Iris Newlin
Youth Fiddle
1st: Claire Dawson
2nd: Samuel Hayes
3rd: Banyan Perdue
Youth Other Instrument
1st: Carter Patterson
2nd: Kira Lynn
3rd: Jack Venters tie with Avery Clapp
Adult Dance
1st: Sophie Wellington
2nd: Aaron Ratcliffe
3rd: Thom Worm


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