Chatham County's Traditional Music Festival

September 12 - 14, 2024

2023 Winners

1st: Sam Weiss
2nd: Brian English
3rd: Rob Fong
4th: Sophie Wellington

1st: Courtney Clapp
2nd: Robbie Herman
3rd: Janie Rothfield
4th: Lucien Stewart

Folk Song
1st: Sophie Wellington
2nd: Jennifer Maurer
3rd: Robbie Herman

1st: Zeb Gambill
2nd: Julia Illana
3rd: Jason Beverly

1st: Zeb Gambill
2nd: David Hughes
3rd: Alan Barnosky

Other Stringed Instrument
1st: John Fogelman
2nd: Michael Daymon
3rd: Keith Aiken

Youth Fiddle
1st: Bryce Tennant
2nd: Adah King
3rd: Ruby Lou King
4th: Miles Kexel
5th: Whitney Thornton

Youth Other Instrument
1st: Peter Trakimowicz
2nd: Elliot King
3rd: Hollace Oakes
4th: Hattie Casper
5th: Laura Lynn Thornton

Old-Time Band
1st: Spiral Cut
2nd: Horse Thieves
3rd: Cousin Amy

Other String Band
1st: The Wilted Plums
2nd: The Split Rippers
3rd: The Q-Bears

Adult Dance
1st: Leanne Smith
2nd: Brooke Ward
3rd: Alice Kevel

Youth Dance
1st: Laura Lynn Thornton
2nd: Hollace Oakes
3rd: Mason Litchfield
4th: Eden Kexel
5th: Myles Keel


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