Photo by Jason Beverly

2021 Hoppin’ John Fiddlers’ Convention

September 17 & 18

Thanks for a fabulous weekend, everyone! We’d like to give a special shout-out to all the volunteers and volunteer staff who worked their butt off and saved the festival in this thinly spread year! You know who you are.

Here are this year’s winners:

Band Contests: There were no bands qualifying for Other Traditional who entered that contest, so the judges decided to award two places each in the collapsed category of Old-Time and Bluegrass.

1st: Appalachian Thunder
1st: StringUp PickBand
2nd: Carolina Songbirds
2nd: Yelling Degenerates
3rd: Firing Line String Band
3rd: Big Okra
1st: Sophie Wellington
2nd: Nokosee Fields
3rd: Ella Thomas
4th: Kristin Harris
5th: Sophie Nachman
1st: Eli Winken Werder
2nd: Dusty Rider
3rd: Rachel Dunaway
4th: Courtney Clapp
5th: Jeff Ward
1st: Zeb Gambill
2nd: Alex Meredith
3rd: Julia Illana
1st: Marshall Brown
2nd: Brad Farmer
3rd: Zeb Gambill
Other Stringed Instrument
1st: Bob Stepno
2nd: Marsha Harris
3rd: Tim Litchfield
Folk Song
1st: Lightnin Wells
2nd: Andre Gruber
3rd: Iris Newlin
Youth Fiddle
1st: Claire Dawson
2nd: Samuel Hayes
3rd: Banyan Perdue
Youth Other Instrument
1st: Carter Patterson
2nd: Kira Lynn
3rd: Jack Venters tie with Avery Clapp
Adult Dance
1st: Sophie Wellington
2nd: Aaron Ratcliffe
3rd: Thom Worm


Thank you to our WONDERFUL sponsors! We couldn’t do it without these folks:

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