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Here’s who participated in 2021:

D. Rickert Musical Instruments

rickertDon Rickert Musical Instruments is a premiere designer and maker of innovative custom and historic musical instruments. Since starting our musical instruments enterprise in 2007, we have dealt primarily in those of the bowed variety (e.g. violins, fiddles and related instruments such as octave fiddles). We have also designed and made a number of fretted instruments along the way: mandolins, parlor guitars, acoustic bass guitars, tenor guitars and the like. Donald Rickert, Ph.D., has been playing, designing, making and modifying stringed musical instruments for more than 40 years. Dr. Rickert is a Professional Member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (designated IDSA).

Pisgah Banjos

With a home base in Western North Carolina, Pisgah Banjos celebrate the rich musical and creative culture of the Southern Appalachians. Using persimmon, maple, walnut and cherry, Pisgah Banjos’ mission is to create affordable professional quality, handcrafted banjos using 100% Native Appalachian Hardwoods. Purchase one of Patrick’s beautiful open-back creations that will be on-site, or order one that is custom made just for you.

BeARcade Music Productions

BeARcade Music Productions is dedicated to capturing and reproducing the finest quality musical sounds from around the world. Special emphasis is added to “hand-made” or acoustic music from all ethnicities with particular focus on American “roots” music of the Appalachian Mountain area of the United States. Owner, Gene Bowlen has been a member of the old-time music community for over 25 years and has been recording for just as long. He will be bringing a version of his Merchandise Shop to Hoppin’ John this year, along with information about his recording studio.

Norm’s Farms

…is at the forefront of one of the most sustainable and exciting new crops: Elderberry. The Norm’s Farms family believes in the jam-four-pack2-web-456x456sustainable production of healing foods made with natural, simple ingredients–just like the elderberries Norm’s Farms grows.

Creations by Guido

Artist, Grace Guido St John creates beautifully designed, wire-wrapped pieces of jewelry of semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is unique and made with love. Grace attributes her work in honor of her parents, who inspired the creativity of her art.

SLC Dingles and Things

These fun and light-catching “air whimsicals” will make you smile — they are made of 98% recycled and up-cycled materials, including wood, glass, old costume jewelry, copper, fossils and stones.

Birdsong Design

Pete Lucey practices the art of hand papermaking and crafts hand made books, lanterns and artwork from this beautiful versatile material. Pete specializes in Asian kozo fiber and uses natural dyes such as indigo and walnut. He runs Birdsong Garden Design in Carrboro.

Food Vendors:

Shakori Hills Pizza – homemade pizza, New York Style

Shakori Hills BBQ – slow-cooked, melt-in-your mouth Lilly Den pork, with traditional sides

The Coffee Barn – coffee, quick breakfast, pastries, sweet treats & more!

Thank you to our WONDERFUL sponsors! We couldn’t do it without these folks:

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