Chatham County's Traditional Music Festival

September 12 - 14, 2024


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Here’s a handful of our 2023 vendors:

Photo by Todd E. Gaul

D. Rickert Musical Instruments

rickertDon Rickert Musical Instruments is a premiere designer and maker of innovative custom and historic musical instruments. Since starting our musical instruments enterprise in 2007, we have dealt primarily in those of the bowed variety (e.g. violins, fiddles and related instruments such as octave fiddles). We have also designed and made a number of fretted instruments along the way: mandolins, parlor guitars, acoustic bass guitars, tenor guitars and the like. Donald Rickert, Ph.D., has been playing, designing, making and modifying stringed musical instruments for more than 40 years. Dr. Rickert is a Professional Member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (designated IDSA).


Blue Skies Art

Using alcohol ink artistry, Blue Skies sells art-paintings, cards, candles, painted pottery and jewelry. Creator Amy Elmore finds inspiration from color and the fluid nature of ink, intuitively painting nature and abstract landscapes .

Just a Tish Designs

All things tie dyed! If it is a natural fiber and Tish McDermott can get a rubber band around it, she’s going to tie dye it! Just a Tish offers a mix of new and recycled clothing, blankets, tapestries, onesies, totes and more. Focusing on recycled fabric helps to keep the manufacturing footprint low and keeps clothing out of the landfill for a little longer. She will also be selling wrapped jewelry using stones to create not only an accent for your wardrobe, but support for your soul.

Lotus Petal Arts

Lotus Petal Arts offers originally designed and deemed “kinetic orbs.” Stop by for a delightfully whimsical shopping experience.

Norm’s Farms

Norm’s Farms is at the forefront of one of the most sustainable and exciting new crops: Elderberry. The Norm’s Farms family believes in the sustainable production of healing foods made with natural, simple ingredients–just like the elderberries Norm’s Farms grows.

Food & Beverage Vendors:

BMC Brewing: Serving Chatham County one pint at a time!

Shakori Hills Pizza: Homemade pizza, New York Style

Shakori Café: Our Coffee Barn has moved and been folded into a new cafe! Offering something for every meal of the day, we’ll post a menu in early September.

Thank you to our WONDERFUL sponsors! We couldn’t do it without these folks:

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