Chatham County's Traditional Music Festival

September 12 - 14, 2024


Dancing at Hoppin’ John

Photo by Todd E. Gaul

It’s all about the dance…

2024 Schedule:

Thursday in the Dance Tent

7:30pm – Square Dance with The Hoppin’ Johnnies, Caller Nancy Mamlin

Photo by Jason Beverly

Come kick up your heels at this intimate weekend kick-off! Our house band is an eclectic mix of talented folks who love and contribute to the whole Hoppin’ John scene. The general lineup includes Gil McNeill, Greg Hanson on fiddles and banjo, Cary Moskovitz on the 4-string banjo, Steve Fagan on guitar and Katy Shoemaker playing bass. Nancy Mamlin will call the steps.

Nancy Mamlin, from Durham, has been calling square dances for 30 years. She is one of the co-founders of Dare To Be Square, a gathering of square dance callers and dancers, which began in 2003. She also plays guitar, and has been in various bands over the years.

Friday in the Dance Tent

4pm – Flatfooting Dance Workshop, TBA


9pm –  Square Dance with the Mystery Band Name (updated soon)

featuring Sonya Badigian, Aaron Tacke, Tatiana Hargreaves of Hard Drive, and Hasee Ciaccio of Sister Sadie in a Friday night square dance hoedown. More information coming soon. Caller TBA.

Saturday in the Dance Tent

10:30am – Kids Clogging TBA

Suggested for ages 5 and up, this workshop provides a basic introduction to clogging, just for kids! More information coming soon.

11:30am – Clogging Workshop with the Green Grass Cloggers

Photo by Todd E. Gaul

Come dance with the Green Grass Cloggers, now in their 53rd year (yes you read that right)! This intergenerational group of high-energy dancers have been sharing their own style of clogging in their home state of North Carolina, and around the world for over a half century. Inspired by traditional mountain-style clogging teams and influenced by Appalachian flatfooters and buckdancers, they developed an original style of dance that was a radical departure from traditional team clogging. Today’s Green Grass Cloggers include dancers from multiple generations continuing that Green Grass style!

5:30pm – Family Square Dance Workshop & Cake Walk with the Hoppin’ Johnnies, Caller Sarah Owen

Photo by Todd E. Gaul

Everyone gets the chance to square dance, even if your bedtime is before 8pm! Join in this family dance for all ages. Our family band rendition of the Hoppin’ Johnnies plays the tunes, while Sarah Owen of Madison County, NC provides instruction and keeps you in step in these easy-to-follow squares. The workshop and dance is followed by the ever-popular cake walk!



8pm – Cajun Dance with Tim Wells and Les Bons Temps

Information coming soon.


9pm – Rowdy Square Dance with the Five Points Rounders, Caller Nancy Mamlin

Photo by Todd E. Gaul

This beloved rowdy, ruckus version of the traditional square dance is back again! Join a version of the Five Points Rounders: David Bass on fiddle, Shawn Galbraith (filling in for Colin Booy) on banjo, Tracy Lafleur on guitar and Rob Vanveld on the washtub bass for some fast-paced, frenzied fun. Nancy Mamlin will be calling moves as quickly as she can and we will all try to keep up!

Saturday, Main Stage Dancing:

1pm (following Youth Instrument Contest) – Youth Dance Contest

The competition is getting tough with the young dancers! Stop by the main stage and support the next generation of flat-foot, buck dancers and cloggers.

7:30pm – Clogging Performance with the Green Grass Cloggers

See description above.

End of the Band Contest – Adult Dance Contest

Thank you to our WONDERFUL sponsors! We couldn’t do it without these folks:

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