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Here’s what happened last year:

Build Your Own Teardrop Camper

“OMG that is so cute!”, is the comment we hear most when people see Charlyn and Dennis campersmallDoughterty’s Teardrop Camper.  When they tell them that they built it themselves, folks can’t believe it. In this workshop, Dennis will explain step by step how to do it. He’ll give a general rundown of the needed supplies, cost of materials, and the time it takes for construction.  If you can measure, cut a reasonably straight line, and use a power drill, you can build one, too.  Dennis designed the ‘Festival  Camper’ for anyone who has beginner to average skills and the basic tool box.  The only power tools you need are a jigsaw and a power drill. Charlyn and Dennis invite you to take a close-up look and ask all the questions you want. Check it out in front of the Cook-Off Pavilion Friday at 6pm.