Chatham County's Traditional Music Festival

September 12 - 14, 2024

2012 Winners

2012 Winners

Old-Time Band

1st: The Grey Beagles

2nd: Cousin Amy

3rd: Piedmont Perrenials

Bluegrass Band

1st: Loose Gravel

2nd: Grass Up & Go

3rd: The Picken Band

Non-Traditional Band

1st: Riders in Disguise

2nd: The Milkshakes & All the Boys from the Yard

3rd: Chatham County JAM Band

Old-Time Fiddle                            Old-Time Banjo

1st: Kristen Harris                             1st: Ben Reiser

2nd: Ivy Shepperd                              2nd: Andy Cahan

3rd: Charlie Hunter                           3rd: Jason Hughes

Bluegrass Fiddle                           Bluegrass Banjo

1st: Sophia Fernandez                       1st: Brandon Hansen

2nd: Logan Valleroy                           2nd: Courtney Clapp

3rd: Tanner Hansen                           3rd: David Thornberry

Guitar                                                Mandolin

1st: Phillip Clapp                                1st: Zach Mondry

2nd: Cary Moskovitz                         2nd: Jon Sullivan

3rd: Glen Craver                               3rd: Spencer Mobley

Bass                                                    Folk Song

Need information                               Need info please


1st: Linda Block

2nd: Need Info

3rd: Need Info


Need Information

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