13th Annual Hoppin’ John Fiddlers’ Convention:

September 12th – 14th, 2019

Thanks everyone for a fabulous 2018 festival! Here are this year’s winners:

Old-Time Band

1st – Hot House Cukes;    2nd – Fongtones;    3rd – Zinc Kings
Bluegrass Band
1st – Grit Lickers; 2nd – Hootenanny Pie;   3rd – Keepin’ Time
Non-Traditional Band
1st – Sleeping Dogs;    2nd – New Golden Melodies;   3rd – Garlic for Days
Old-Time Fiddle
1st – Rob Fong;    2nd – Clark Williams;    3rd – Deb Pryzbysz
Bluegrass Fiddle
1st – Sam Weiss;    2nd – Rob Fong;     3rd – Clay Shelor
Old-Time Banjo
1st – Thom Worm;     2nd – Cary Moskowitz;     3rd – Rob Fong
Bluegrass Banjo
1st – Grayson Leyborne;    2nd – Jake Lowe;     3rd – Thom Worm
Folk Song
1st – Lightnin’ Wells;     2nd – Ed Norman;    3rd – Conner Steven
1st – Alex Meredith;     2nd – Zeb Gambill;    3rd – Zack Mondry
1st – Zeb Gambill;    2nd – Jacob Lowe;     3rd – Cary Mokowitz
Other Stringed Instrument
1st – Cary Moskowitz;    2nd – Tim Litchfield;     3rd – Marsha Harris
Youth Fiddle
1st – Fletcher Gaddy;    2nd – Taylor Young;     3rd – Sara Hull
Youth Banjo
1st – Milo Evans;     2nd – Brennan Barker;     3rd – Jed Stout
Youth Other Instrument
1st – Mason Litchfield;    2nd – Henry Bachhuber;    3rd – Cora Bachhuber
1st – Linda Block;     2nd – Clark Williams;    3rd – Julie Chiles
Youth Dance
1st – Lily Schofield;   2nd – Mason Litchfield;     3rd – Eli Jerome
1st – Hoppin’ Joanies (Rachel Morrison & Jennifer Russell);   2nd – Team Boilin’;    3rd – Croppin’ Johns
3rd place folk song and bluegrass band 2nd have not yet claimed their prizes. Get in touch and we will send it to you! We also have found a 3rd place ribbon. Let us know if you lost it (be honest)!


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****All proceeds from Hoppin’ John go to benefit the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center, a NC not-for-profit corporation. Shakori Hills is a proud administrator and sponsor of the Chatham County Junior Appalachian Musicians.****

13th Annual Festival!
September 12th - 14th, 2019
at Shakori Hills in
Silk Hope, NC
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