Hoppin’ John Old-Time & Bluegrass Fiddlers’ Convention

Thanks for a great Hoppin’ John 2013!!

A wonderful time was had by all! Here are this year’s winners:

Old Time Band

1st – Epps Steppers; 2nd – Okenichie Night Hawks; 3rd – Garbage Mountain Boys

Bluegrass Band

1st – Loose Gravel; 2nd – Bethesda Bluegrass; 3rd – Fernandez Sisters

Non-Traditional Band

1st – Bawling Alley Shieks; 2nd – Stray Locals; 3rd – Porch Noise Complaints

Old-Time Fiddle

1st – Steve Kruger; 2nd – Jamie Rowan; 3rd – Jon Newlin

Bluegrass Fiddle

1st – Nathan Aldridge; 2nd – Brian English; 3rd – Clay Sheiler

Old-Time Banjo

1st – Steve Kruger; 2nd – Ben Reeser; 3rd – Doug Shandley

Bluegrass Banjo

1st – Courtney Clapp; 2nd – Nathan Aldridge; 3rd – Grayson Laybourn


1st – Spencer Mobley; 2nd – Leighton Friend; 3rd – Connor Hagwood


1st – Caleb Hagwood; 2nd – Keith Sykes; 3rd – Ellie Burdette


1st – Dylan Shrader; 2nd – Elise Fernandez; 3rd – Victor Lukas

Folk Song

1st – Sarah Osborne; 2nd – Sarah Gibson; 3rd – Macie Henson; Honorable Mention: Neshama Littman

Youth Musicianship

1st – Fiona Burdette; 2nd – Olivia Fernandez; 3rd – Jessica Lang; Honorable Mention: Sophia Hernandez

Adult Dance

1st – Jeremiah Schilling; 2nd – Joan Levitt; 3rd – Aaron Ratcliffe

Youth Dance

1st – Johanna Schilling; 2nd – Macy Henson; 3rd – Cage Bullard


1st – Free Love & Bacon, aka Keith Savary; 2nd – M & M, aka Muriel Sink; 3rd – Bella Luna Farm, aka Teresa Pruitt

****All proceeds from Hoppin’ John go to benefit the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center, a NC not-for-profit corporation.****



Eighth Annual Festival!
September 18 - 20, 2014
at Shakori Hills,
Silk Hope, NC
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